What I Did Before Becoming an Author

I was appointed to the Atlas Research Fellowship at St. Catherine’s College, Oxford University, where I distinguished myself by fainting at the Fellows’ annual feast. I’d had too much to drink (but the other Fellows, bless them, blamed my mishap on the slippery dining room floor).
Whenever I talked about my work, glazed eyes would stare back at me. I soon tired of this and turned to investment banking, only to be confronted by a new reaction: awe at the many dollars it was assumed I must have.
A major setback came when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Though benign, the tumour was located in my lower brain and had to be removed. Thanks to being super-fit, I recovered quickly. But I vowed that if I ever had another critical illness I would alter my lifestyle.
I moved into quantitative trading in order to gain greater control over my hours. This enabled me to indulge even more in the sports I enjoy, one of which is cross-country skiing. I’m not very skilled, but I love the quiet of snowy trails. They’re utterly magical, especially at dusk.
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