Book Club & Community Group Feedback


I love speaking to book and other groups! Read what event organisers have to say. 

From Leanna Frankland | Senior Librarian, The New York Public Library

In both of the novels in her Malayan series, Siak does a great job of engaging her diverse audience, many of whom have little prior knowledge of Malaysian history and culture.  And, like her books, Siak's book discussion at our library engaged, challenged, and edified our patrons about her books, her background, and her process.  Our patrons were delighted with her presentation and we would welcome her back anytime.


From Dawn Grigsby, Program Director at Rotary Club Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, USA

Our Rotary Club Members were delighted by the presentation from author Selina Siak Chin Yoke.  She gave an entertaining and personal depiction of life as a Malayan-Chinese. Selina was warm, engaging and a welcome presenter.  Those in attendance were pleased that she was with us and only sad that there was such little time available for the program.


From Jana Kunicova, Coordinator of the World Bank Malaysia Book Club

“The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds is one of those historical novels that beg to be discussed. You read it in one breath, befriend its characters, and feel like you’ve visited the Malaya of yesteryear.  At the same time, the characters and the events are not black and white, and the writing style is quite provocative, so you will want to bounce off your feelings and ideas with others.  Our book club was fortunate to have Selina Siak join us via Skype: it was a delight! Selina was charming, forthright, and generous with her time – and happy to answer questions ranging from the historical events to her writing process.   It made the novel come alive.”


From Sandy Mayer, Librarian at Orange County Library System/Southwest Branch, Orlando, USA

Siak’s Malayan Series is a must read for book clubs. Beautifully written historical fiction that engages the intellect and ignites the heart. Be assured your group discussion will be lively. Better yet…invite the author.  Siak is engaging, dynamic, and delights in questions…our book club is still talking!


From Rina G. Lynch, Founder & CEO, Voice at the Table, London, UK

Siak spoke at an event organised by my company for City professionals – aimed to inspire with a role model of someone relatable yet extraordinary.  Selina fit the bill perfectly.  An eloquent, engaging speaker, she mesmerised the audience with her life story. She was open about the trials and tribulations of her personal and work life: a message of hardship, perseverance and success.  Her unique background and experience make for a rare combination as a speaker. The way she shared her story had impact: members of the audience were moved into taking personal actions. Unanimously positive feedback – just what we wanted. “


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